NOT complaining

Just getting it off my chest.

  1. Listening to MPR this morning, I cannot believe what presidential hopeful John McCain is trying to sell in his healthcare plan. Seriously, is he cracked or what? Go listen to the piece here or read it here. I don’t get it? He just seems to be so far out of touch.

    Just this week in Pittsburgh, for example, he (McCain) criticized Medicare’s new drug benefit for being too generous."People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet don’t need their prescriptions underwritten by taxpayers."                                                                                                      Yeah, ’cause the average american is like these two yahoos. Duh dude.

  2. Sweetie is out of town, in Atlanta, for a conference. Its the first time I have been alone in our home. Normally I have been the one who goes out of town. I miss her.
  3. I still love my new job, but I am really ready to be done with feeling ‘new’.
  4. Why does praise and worship music so often suck? It used to be that when I was stressing out, all I would have to do is throw in a little ‘Lord I lift your Name on High’ or ‘I Could Sing of your Love Forever’ and whoosh-bang – stress lifted, gone. I sort of miss it in a way. Not so much anymore.

Are you there God? Its me, Rachel. I could use some company. Just feeling a bit – I don’t know – out of sorts. I know its not gonna stay for long, but will you come, sit with me? You don’t have to say much or say anything really. Just sit and share a cup of tea for a bit. I miss you. Amen.



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