I could cry.
I know I should not care, and some of you may think less of me after this post. Whatever, I can say it. I like American Idol. Actually, for the most part, I love it. I don’t know why, other than the singing.

But tonight – I can honestly say I care significantly less. My beloved Irish girl, Carly, the tattooed songstress, beautiful person, beautiful voice and my Idol choice since the start, has been eliminated.



4 thoughts on “shitshitshit

  1. OMG! I am completely with you. She was by far and away the strongest voice in the competition and it if flippin’ bogus that the ugly dreadlock boy is still on their just because he is cute…what does that have to do with his singing talents? UGH. Carly was unique, fabulously tatooed, and had a powerhouse voice like I have rarely ever heard. Do you remeber her version of “Come Together”? I mean let’s get serious. I am boycotting the stupid show as I no longer care about the rest of them.

  2. You know, Rach,
    I am secretly addicted to all manner of non-reality reality shows. It started with the first season of Survivor when an overweight Rhode Islander who hails from my home town, paraded around nekked and then managed to win the big prize. No matter that he later got convicted of tax fraud. Actually, that is sort of par for the course here in Little Rhody.
    So, don’t be embarrassed. And I am sorry your girl lost. I haven’t been following the contest lately due to evening obligations that involve goatskins and african hardwood… but I feel your pain.

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