Silent in my heart

My baby sister teaches high school across the country from where I live. I only get to see her now once or twice a year. I wish she lived closer, I miss her terribly.

I got an email from my sis yesterday, saying simply

"I wish I could be silent for you and [sweetie]
tomorrow…. I have to teach. I will be silent for you in my heart."

Being a gay person who comes from a family and community filled of love and acceptance, today I will join my sister in the day of silence, in my heart. I do not take for granted one second this gift that I have.

God of wonder and love, I pray for those whom you have made in your image that are persecuted and bashed for identifying as GLB or T. Let me be a witness to your unconditional, unfailing love. Be with those whose silence is a way of life and is truly a struggle. Bring them peace and courage to be the children of love and light that you have made them to be. Thank you for the gift of diversity: of gifts, of languages, cultures, races. Help us to see this as a gift that allows us to be a part of the whole.


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