I mentioned yesterday that I was going to see a show, The Swell Season (the ‘Once’ band). *guh* See a show. Ha! I experienced it. Like the best oatmeal that your ma made for you, on a cold winter morning, sticking and carrying you through the day.

I have seen a great deal of shows in my day, I used to work for the State and Orpheum Theatres. A LOT of shows I have seen. I was telling sweetie last night, as I was debating going to hang out at MacKenzie’s deck (the bar that is ajoining the Orpheums stage door) to hang out and maybe meet or talk to the band, that this was in my top 10 for sure fave shows of all time.

I totally chicken’d out, didn’t go to Mac’s, and have spent the last 12 hours just hearing the songs and stories from the show over and over again, in my dreams and waking. My dreams had me hanging with everyone who I know or have known that are remotely Irish. Through the dreams and then sitting with what I can remember in my waking, I feel like the music has healed hurts of former relationships, and has left me with a gaping hole of love and light and open. I want to drive to Milwaukee and see them again tonight.

I could gush and gush and gush, which would be really boring for you. But if this band is coming to a town near you – GO. This show makes my Top 5. Maybe 3.

What are your Top 5 shows of all time? Theater, music, whatever. What art have you seen that is still with you and your heart and soul today? Comment or post on your blog and let me know.


2 thoughts on “Swell

  1. My top 5 right now are (in no real order):
    1. Last nights show.
    2. Colin Hay at the Pantages
    3. Garth Brooks with my ma and sisters years ago
    4. U2, the Vertigo tour. It was the show that gave me that “ah ha’ moment, and I understood why everyone loved them.
    5. Tom Waits at the State, 2 nights in a row.
    How bout you?

  2. FUN question. No particular order:
    1. “Avenue Q” on Broadway. LOVE it.
    2. Dave Matthews at the Gorge in WA state. Great venue (and musicians)
    3. Chris & Johnny (later known as Storyhill) in Minneapolis
    4. Shawn Colvin in Minneapolis.
    5. This random Irish musician whose name I can’t remember, who used to play Tuesday nights at the Half Time Rec in Minneapolis. If I hadn’t been drinking all that beer every time I heard him, I might remember his name…

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