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IMG_0878 Friends of mine are starting this venture together, e>v or evolution through vacation. I am no expert on this venture, but I think its about finding joy, purpose, love, inspiration through 'travel' or vacation. The site is not live yet, and I miss my friends terribly and am dying to ask more, learn more about the concept, but for now this was the main thought (that this weekend was all about evolution through vacation) that popped into my head when thinking about jotting some thoughts down about my weekend.

RC and Angie are now officially wedded, a living example of love and joy in the world. They were married in Seattle this past weekend and sweetie and I were there for the series of events.
Highlights in a stream of consciousness that I would HIGHLY recommend to all:

  • Mt. Rainer, whether experienced in shitty weather or nice, is beautiful and fun.
  • Fear and anxiety is dumb. Set it down and get out of the way. When you let go and just release yourself to whatever the flow of the river is doing you can bet that laughter and lightness is just around the bend.
  • Weddings are fascinating, messy and beautiful.
  • Don't forget to stop along the road when you see something interesting catch your eye, even if it is chainsaw "art."
  • Relationships are best experienced in person (if and when at all possible).
  • I will not die if I can't check email, facebook, or be online. It only means I will have a lot of email when I go back online. And sometimes a lot of email actually is good.
  • If you expect great things, great things can happen.
  • Hospitality is a gift. Not everyone has it, when someone does have it, and offers it, it is one of the best gifts you could ever receive. Likewise – it is a good gift to offer.
  • Annoyances and irritation is a good opportunity for joking and laughter. Get over being annoyed and laugh.
  • When speaking or reading to a large group, you can never go to slowly.

So thats what I have in my brain so far. It was a wonderful trip. I went to my first bachelor party, ate some wonderful salmon and lake trout, acquired the cutest new purse from Pike's Market, reconnected with good friends, met some new friends, smelled fresh mountain air, toasted my dear friend, and generally feel like I have experienced 'evolution through vacation' and it feels so good.


4 thoughts on “evolution through vacation

  1. You have absolutely embraced the spirit of e>v, my friend. Your stream of consciousness had me giggling because it was so aligned with pieces of the guide/site. Sounds like it was a glorious–and evolving–vacation.
    And, without question, I miss you terribly as well!
    Much love,

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. We have a road trip planned for the summer – MSP > Chicago > Indy > Souther OH (relatives) > St Louis, then up to the headwaters of the Mississippi & maybe Canada (to say we’ve been). 2 weeks of driving around the upper Midwest. We’ll see what kind of evolution via vacation we have when there’s 3 adults & 2 girls (ages 14 & 10) in a car for the better part of 2 weeks. Oh…and I’ll still have schoolwork to do along the way, so I’ll have to figure out a way to be plugged in @ some point. Good times. 🙂
    Glad you had fun girl. You deserved some unplugged time!

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