my relationship to stuff

I believe that nothing, nothing in this world is an accident or coincidence. I believe it is all energy and ideas that we have asked for, consciously or unconsciously. This has been a really tough concept for me to fully embrace over the years, and I am not sure it fully explains some of the real dark shit that I have experienced (loss of ma, rape, sexual abuse). But at this stage in my life it is making more and more sense to me, that I am connected to all things, all beings, all ideas, to God and to others though energy. Mitakuye Oyasin (all are my relations).

So what do you do when a topic, or theme or an idea just keeps coming up over and over and over again? Stop ignoring it, and figure out what idea, concept or new thing it is that you are supposed to be paying attention to. So, the thing that keeps nudging at me lately?
Story of stuff

It started a while ago, but the place that I can really pinpoint is two weeks ago, spending time with my friend who works for ERD. I sat in on his seminar called "How to act locally and think globally." He showed a clip of The Story of Stuff. (Another friend had emailed it to me a while ago, but I didn't think I had time to watch it, and eventually forgot about it.) Wow. It has really started me to thinking, and not just thinking, but has really challenged my behavior.

Accumulation, things, junk, knicks and knacks, wants perceived at one time as a need. There is this pull, this desire for new stuff that keeps popping up: like a shiney perfect iPhone and/or MacBook. Like a new Scion just like the one that our good friends S&C have, or maybe a Yaris or SmartCar or Jetta Wagon. I look at my 'old stuff' and then am somehow triggered to look around and compare myself and my stuff. The TV and billboards show me how much more awesome my life could be with a phone that is a computer is my music library. My neighbors and friends are getting hybrids and cars with iPod capabilities. Everywhere I look (seemingly) there are little hints and reminders that I am not moving at the pace of technology, or am just not keeping up. My appliances are not "green" and if I got this whizbang thing, I could be more efficient, and discover the gift that we all want more of, time.

There is a tension in my life friends, and it keeps popping up all over. So, I am delving into this topic for a while. Gonna spend some time wrestling with it here on the blog. There are a number of articles, quotes, books and blogs that are inspiring my thinking (and behavior) on this. I hope you'll stay tuned for a while, join in the conversation. 

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