a quote from a wayback post

Much needed for me today.


4 thoughts on “a quote from a wayback post

  1. I love Rumi! Thank you for posting–lovely words. Although, I wonder why it speaks to you today : )

  2. I think it is speaking to me today because I was going to do a blog-series, and am not. I was going to start a prayer practice, and then didn’t. I was going to read those cards on the kitchen counter each morning, and forgot today.
    But I believe in being on the ride, the caravan of non-despair, and staying focused on hope, that I can just start over. Again and again and again.

  3. Ahhh, I know that feeling! I like the line “It doesn’t matter.” I like to think broadly of the “it” and apply it to whatever is troubling me to remember that there are only a very few “its” that do matter: breathing, holding a hand daily, keeping up one’s health through eating & sleeping well, and getting out of bed the next morning ready to start again–concentrating only on the “its” that matter and letting the rest slide away.
    You are so loved–see yourself as we see you!

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