Ten Four Good Buddy

Inquiring minds want to
know, R:

Have you
ever felt so down you wondered whether or not you'd bounce back?

Were you
later surprised by how quickly you did bounce back?

And then
were you surprised by how far you went?

Did you
promise you'd never forget how amazing that was?

We did.

In awe,  The

p.s. And,
did you really once celebrate by dancing on a tabletop, R, to Barry
Dancers Manilow?


Maybe some of you get the same notes.
Today this one, this note from the Universe, is so on target, I just had to

I had lunch with a friend the other day, and we had not seen each other in a while. I used to work with her, and I think she is one of the most amazing people, who is just overlooked, needs some attention, and mentoring. With a bit of help – she could really do (more) amazing things (than she is already doing). So, in normal catch up form, she asked how I was, how it was going.

My normal answer for this is "honestly I can't think of how my life could get any better." Then I always go on and say how my partner is amazing, my home is beautiful (and what it looks like depending on the season), my job is awesome and I am blessed to have it. And this is what I said to my friend, that this was my normal standard answer, but still I wanted to be "honest" and tell her that I was in a bit of a funk. That sometimes my hormones get the best of me, make me 'crazy' and not very rational. While this is true, very true, saying it out loud to her felt a bit strange, not good actually. Quickly I went back to my standard answer and turned the tables to catch up on how she was.

For a while now, my sweetie is the only one who ever hears how I really am. When I am bloat-y, feeling fat, smelly, and generally in a bad way, she is the one who gets the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Why? Because if I don't let it out, I go just a little more crazy inside. And she is the one who can hear these things and tell me that she understands but also believes that I need to reframe how I am feeeeeeeeling about them.

So I do, I listen to her wise words, I re-play the books and words from my notes, that help me to re-member my true self, and I feel better. Not always right away, but soon thereafter. So today, again I am reminded that the lows – they pass, I only need to re-member that they do.

So look out world, I am putting Barry on the turntable.


6 thoughts on “Ten Four Good Buddy

  1. “At the Copa…Copa Cabana…the hottest spot north of Havana…”
    PS: stay away from “Mandy”…not so much tabletop dancing music, that one.

  2. This is my new favorite post of all time: honest, good story-telling, sounds just like you, and shows the HOPE that you wish to remember!
    All of my “wise” words come from the fortune cookie fortune taped to my computer: “If you can shape it in your mind, you will find it in your life.”
    Good work, Notes from the Universe, GOOD WORK!
    Now about those smells …

  3. This was a good one…even the stuff we don’t want to face about ourselves.
    Thanks for making it okay…oh but I’m going to have to say dancing tabletop to Abba, not Manilow (just personal preference).

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