in case you were wondering

Today, I am 42 days smoke free.
Does it get easier? Not really. It gets less annoying.

  • I've gained weight, I am nearly sure of it. But "they" keep telling me that weight is better to deal with than cancer or other annoying smoking related issues.
  • I feel moderately better.
  • I can taste food, and sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes, not so much.
  • I take less breaks, and work more. Hmmmm.
  • I am using the law of attraction, the secret, phone-a-friend and any other trick I can think of to tone down my inner bitch.
  • I breathe deeply now.
  • Sweetie is MUCH happier.
  • I am inventing new ways of dealing with assholes and jerky pants people.
  • I still smell, just not like smoke, which apparently is better.
  • My circulation is getting better, and my lung function is up by 30%.
  • I've saved like $60-80 bucks, and if I were a former regular cigarette smoke by now I would have saved $381.80!
  • I don't have to excuse myself from social settings awkwardly to go 'outside'.
  • My purse and its entire contents aren't always covered with tobacco.

I look forward to the day that I can really love this non-smoking life. For now, I delight in the fact that Sweetie thinks its real neat-o.


8 thoughts on “in case you were wondering

  1. Even if the ONLY thing that comes of it, is your sweetie is happy and you are healthier…it’s enough. The inner bitch will find a venue…at least mine always does!

  2. You are so lucky!! I quit smoking, but my lung function is still in the basement. 42 days is awesome!! I wish my husband would quit.

  3. Congrats, Rachel, on 42 days! I hope with you for that day when you will love it. Until then, it sounds like you are finding a way to rejoice (sort of) even in the annoyance. 🙂

  4. I’m sure I’m going to regret this somehow-someway, but perhaps you should have a blog contest for people to suggest & win a prize for something like:
    a) Something Sweetie should do for YOU to mark every 10 (or whatever number) days you are smoke-free … forever.
    b) Something that Sweetie should give up to be in solidarity and show that she knows how hard this is but is still soooooo grateful and supportive.
    c) Some other type of Sweetie-is-so-happy-and-grateful-that-she-wants-to-show-it event that benefits YOU!
    Also, perhaps Sweetie should put the weekly cost of cigarettes into a jar every week and save up to take you to Ireland–or at least out to dinner when we get there! : )

  5. I had a friend in seminary who quit smoking– he was at least a pack a day guy– and saved enough money in about a year to buy a car. Seriously. Like, not a nice car, but a car. Okay, the car was a crappy old jeep cj-7, but still! And he quit smoking!
    Great news on your circulation and lung function– that’s amazing that it only takes a few months . . . anyway, congratulations and hang in there. You’ll be free one day.

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