death has a way

Tim Russert, a fantastic man full of integrity and humility, died. I'll be skipping church, or going to late church to watch Meet the Press tomorrow morning. Some things just need to be seen in 'real time' not on Tivo or in my case, on the VCR (I mean I don't even know if the old thing works anymore).

Death is a part of life and I personally think without it – we as a human race might be in jeopardy of becoming more full of ourselves than we already are. Keepin' it real, death is. It helps us to reconnect with what is real, what matters, what is worth dying for.

I mentioned my friends and their new (ad)venture in a post a few weeks ago. They are starting a new thing, evolution through vacation. They just launched the site early this week, and I am not kidding, GO. What I did not know was it was through the death of a friend, that the idea was born. I mean, it launched my friends to another place… connecting them to something greater, bigger, dreamier. I just know that they are going to change the world through what they are doing.

And as I write this, I look across the room at the shrine to my ma, and know that this truth is hard, but oh so real. 

God, for those who grieve, bring comfort.
(                       ).
Teach us, mold us, heal us, and then send us out into the world a changed creation ready to rock, and realize our call is to more than a mediocre life. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.

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  1. Thank you so much, my friend, for giving such a rousing and heart felt shout out to evolution through vacation. It has been an amazing and powerful journey, so humbling and stretching — and it’s just started!
    Everyone’s welcome at e>v! Please come on by!

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