5 Things I learned from Disney

Sweetie and I had date night last night. I love date night. 

We went to see the new Disney/Pixar flick WALL-E. Now, I don’t think I can say that it is my favorite of the Pixar bunch (but a close second/third to Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo), but it sure has many many thought provoking pieces. Add it to your must see summer flicks. Or if you have seen it – chat me up in the comments, please!

Top 5 things I can’t stop thinking about from WALL-E
  1. You can say so much, without actually saying much at all.
  2. Love stories are beautiful, in any language, setting, or world. 
  3. Fear, as a motivating force, powerful, but unsettling. 
  4. The choices of characters, each element, who they are, what they are, the meanings, the social understanding or norm of what they represent, its all so sweet, silly, simple and yet brilliantly deep. Its small and huge all at the same time.
  5. I can’t stop hearing the way that WALL-E and EVE said each others ‘names’. With such little dialog, these little ways make the intention behind the language so starkly beautiful. 

I love going to the movies, sitting in air conditioning, listening to laughter – my own, my sweeties and mine. 


2 thoughts on “5 Things I learned from Disney

  1. Top 10 things I know about Disneyland:
    1) the Pirates of the Caribbean ride sometimes smells a little funny
    2) Space Mountain isn’t that scary – unless you see how closely the tracks are to one another (the lights came up once)
    3) the $5 coffee in the souvenir travel mug will put a hole in your stomach
    4) most of the people in the costumes are girls – including Mickey & Minnie (which is one reason the gays love it so much!)
    5) going along with #4, Gay Days @ Disneyland in October is one of the best days of the year
    6) Top 3 rides/attractions: the Jungle Cruise (always funny in a totally cheesy way); Buzz Lightyear laser targets; Fantasmic/fireworks @ the end of the night
    7) the tortilla factory @ California Adventure (the sister park next door) gives out free fresh tortillas every day. If you’re wearing a birthday pin, you get a dozen. (tip: they don’t check ID for birthdays – just get the pin!)
    8) The Tiki Room is the best air conditioned 20 minute sitdown you’ll get on a hot summer day
    9) There’s a statue of Walt & Mickey in the center square in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. If you look from the side, Mickey’s nose comes out from about Walt’s nether regions…straight out…
    10) the holiday fireworks show and “snow” makes me cry just about every time. It is breathtaking.

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