I know its summer because

4th of july raspberry
Another sentence to finish if you would like.

I know it is summer because…
  1. For me, I know it because my freckles are here. The sun pops them, all over, but across my nose is where my mom would love to see them the most. She would, to help me fall asleep after a day in the sun sporting a fresh sun burn, count my freckles until I fell asleep. I miss that.
  2. The raspberries are popping. Gorgeous big berries all over in the backyard. 
  3. The air conditioner is finally in. 
  4. I am craving water. Just water. So good.  
  5. I got the bike out for a ride the other day, ended up being a 15 mile ride. I hurt the next morning, but what a ride. 
How do you know summer is here? 


2 thoughts on “I know its summer because

  1. I don’t have to hear here “But, Ms. Whiiiiiite! I did my homework but my computer ran out of ink…..”. Ugh. I really dislike whiny teenage voices.

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