its time…

I just hope it goes better than last time.
p.s. – Is it wrong for me to pray for a decent haircut? Is it like praying for lame things like good grades, a time warp so I can make it to church on time, or praying to win the lottery? Don’t answer that.
p.p.s. – I heart NatalieDee


2 thoughts on “its time…

  1. If I’ve learned nothing else in 42 years, it is that God has a great sense of humor. It’s the only way I can get away with asking – IN church – if the Corinthians ever wrote back. Pray for your haircut, luv. That’s not to say your prayer will be answered (hopefully, if the last was a disaster you’re not going to the same person), but it never hurts to put it out there in the universe.
    Unless, of course, it’s lottery day, in which case you might want to be more selective….

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