74 days

Quitkeeper1 Thought you might enjoy my stats for today as much as I do.

I still count, I still think about smoking, although much less now a days.

I miss it. I won’t lie. I do.

However, 74 days in I can tell you I am beginning to feel like a new person. I am not a slave to my routines or habits. I can ride a bike for 15 miles. I can taste food.

Mainly I miss taking breaks. I miss decompressing with a smoke. I miss my stress reliever. I miss sitting on the front porch and watching the world go by.

Is it worth $667.68, yes. Is it worth my sweeties happiness? You bet.


6 thoughts on “74 days

  1. If that isn’t real love, I don’t know what is!
    There should be more tallies on that Quit Keeper:
    Extra Love: 110% (and climbing)
    Karma points: 97,000
    Sainthood: Assured

  2. Keep going girl. Everytime you “miss” smoking, think of a mental image of a ugly, nasty, black tar filled, cancerous lung. (remember those “heath” classes in high school).
    Turn that “desire for a smoke” feeling into a negative. That way, every time you crave a smoke, it will turn into a negative feeling rather than a wistful desire.

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