My Theme Song Today

So you may remember from a while ago, sweetie and I got a new elliptical. (Lots of commentary I can make about this, but in a word, its good. Oh and if you click on the link, and are wondering if that is what I look like on the elliptical, uhhhh, yeah, duh.)

So, I am not sure about you, but for me, listening to music is THE KEY that makes me feel good about myself, makes me think that I am hot, sexy, and super freaky fly. And I think these feelings, these beliefs are primarily the key to my losing weight. Feeling good, loving the me, as I am right now, comes for me through music. (And sweetie, of course.)

There are a few songs when I am working out that just do it for me. Theme songs, for feeling sexy, hot and oh so groovy. Todays song, so good.
Check it. 
What’s your favorite song that you put on a feel good or workout mix? Please let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “My Theme Song Today

  1. Wow, Rae…sometimes I wonder which of us is older 😉
    I’ll second Choralgirl on ME’s Giant. Wicked good live as well.
    My happy place song would be the “Somewhere over the rainbow/wonderful world” blend by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. It’s like eating marshmallows: you just can’t help but smile.
    Workouts…I vascillate between a bunch of soundtracks (Gladiator, Titus, 300, Batman Begins)& the myriad of dance/club/electronica stuff I have on my iPod. Every once in a while tho, I’m completely pumped by the most horrible, misogynistic, ghetto bitches & ho’s rap. People look @ my playlists & I can always tell when they’ve hit Ludacris, 50 Cent, David Banner, Ying Yang Twins, et al. The Nasties always raise an eyebrow. 😀

  2. Hmmm… Higher Love is a good one (Steve Winwood), Usher’s “Yeah” is always a goody… maybe a little hip hoppy for you but great beat. Sledgehammer is fab, but you run the risk of jumping off the elliptical and bustin’ a move instead, either way, good exercise. Anastasia’s “Overdue Goodbye” is a tough chick song that Nikki and I groove to…. you can’t help but feel liberated after hearing it. The sound is neat too.

  3. That video made me wanna move. Good sign. Sledgehammer…oh yeah…and (don’t laugh) Bad from Michael Jackson. That is a GREAT exercise song!

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