on getting older

Hectic, having a birthday that is. But fun? Oh yes. For sure fun with a big ol capitol F.U.N. Let’s recap, shall we?

The theme of gifts this year? Art. 
  • From sweeties parents, a grill to assist me in my culinary arts. It grills sammiches and makes waffles. Yum.
  • My baby sis got me a beautiful wall hanging, with some wise wise words.
    • “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have. It depends solely on what you think.” (Attributed to Buddha) 
  • My D-n-D (dad and his wife, my step-mom D) gave me to of the most amazing gifts I can think of:
  1. This (the sculpture image), a beautiful new piece of outdoor garden art, custom by my dad, the artist.IMG_1021
  2. A day of help gardening. 

Can I tell you how awesome my yard and home look? And, now I am not so intimidated by gardening, now that my step-mom master gardener gave me a day to learn with her.

  • My friend K, a friend from the wayback days, who I have re-connected with (*waves* hi K!!) made me some pumpin’ super awesome tunages, and music is one of my most favorite forms of art. Love my new grooves, especially hearing a fave I forgot about, Carly Smithson from American Idol singing Blackbird. So good. (As well as all the gay boy thumpa-thumpa move your booty tunes that she mixed up for me.)
  • And of course last, but never least, sweetie. Beautiful earrings, a gorgeous new skirt from J.Jill, comfy pretty under-pants (you didn’t really want a link for my underpants did you?) and… a promise to get our wedding tattoo! Yesterday we met with Ariel from Steady Tattoo, who will be our next / new tattoo artist. She is gentle, sweet, and really talented. We consulted on our design, the celtic tree of life image we used for our wedding. Celtic_tree_of_life
    It will be a custom design, so we are using the image as a starting point, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. It will be on the right outside calf, just below the knee. *ugh* I could almost die I am so excited. 

Well friends and family, thank you for helping me welcome in another awesome year of life.  I am truly blessed, grateful, and humbled by the love you show me. It is my hope, my resolution, my desire to ‘pay it forward’ back at cha’ in this, the 37th anniversary of my arrival on the scene. 


4 thoughts on “on getting older

  1. Glad you liked the tunes, girl. Figured you’d dig the Carly spot. I got a handful of her songs from iTunes (along with a bunch of other Idol stuff).
    Glad you had a good b’day! Love the tat – will be interesting to see how it ends up 🙂
    XOX always,

  2. All I have for you is a nice Happy Birthday. Jeez, I hope you’re not disappointed.
    You got some great stuff. Love the garden art & the TAT. I would maybe brave the needle for something that looked that good. But only if I was promised no sagging skin ever to go with it.
    Happy Day!

  3. Damn, sorry I missed your B-day. I wouldda emailed you something wonderfully inappropriate! 😛
    Look at the bright side, you’re still younger than me!
    P.S. TOTALLY Jealous of the gardening help. Man I could use a team of 20 in my garden/backyard!

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