Question for you…

just wondering
If you are a blog reader, how do you organize your reading list? Do you use a service? Just bookmarks?

Are you a morning reader, a feed reader, an occasional stop by’er? Do you read at night, on the fly, at a certain time? 

This inquiring mind wants to know. Lurkers de-lurk and lend me your voices, please.

See you in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Question for you…

  1. I just pop in to see what’s going on in your world…or to avoid work…or homework…or other things I probably should be doing. You have a great voice, luv!

  2. I use my blog roll & I try to check-out every blog on there everyday.
    I also click on my favorite blogs blog rolls & use blogger and click next blog to discover new blogs.
    I check when I have time all thru the day.

  3. Hey there Swandive: In answer to you query, I organize by bookmark under a heading called “Blogs I like to read”. Then when I read I usually do it by feed, but like tonight I am working my way down the bookmarked list and visiting folk I haven’t heard from for a while or haven’t visited for a while because I have been too preoccupied with personal issue.
    Hope this helps. Best to you and yours.

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