good advice

Scan0019So sweetie reminds me and says something like this:

“Go through your day, and collect things, ideas, inspirations that you like. Just collect them and hold on to them. At the end of your day, gather them all up. Admire them, give thanks for them, and focus your attention on the abundance that shows up.”

Some days have brought rather mundane likes, such as free flowing traffic or cute hair. Some days have given me total strangers telling me that they love me. But each day, I am never short on things to be grateful for, things that I liked.

A sign, from my candy ministry in my cube today, another reminder for my day.

Thank you God: for signs and reminders, for guiding me along, for love and friends, for the sunshine, for good work. Amen.

5 thoughts on “good advice

  1. Whew, my Sweetie loves me ’cause she makes me sound reeeeeeeally good! Everyone should know that I read the advice in a book and I try to follow it too–’cause really, the world looks better when you’re looking for things you like!
    Thanks God for chocolate, for my Sweetie, and for all other good things : )

  2. Oh, forgot to laugh about the “candy ministry”–good one!
    Don’t get the candy ministry too close to the scarf ministry during the yoga ministry on a hot day …

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