The Birthday Present

Taaaa dah!

Here it is, the new tattoo. Care of Ariel at Steady Tattoo.

The outline  

Its just a flesh wound

And…. voila’!
Celtic Tree of Life, custom designed, you know, artistic license.
So let me tell you a bit of a story. I think I mentioned this before, but for our wedding, we used the celtic tree of life image for our invitations. We love love love the image. And I have wanted it for a tattoo ever since.

For my birthday, sweetie said it was time to get the tattoos. We looked around for the right artist and the right shop. I didn’t go back to my old artist – just felt like this was a new thing, a new time. After looking for a while, we found Ariel. We met with her, and she is a really great person: laid back, great portfolio, mellow, kind.

So the tattoo: the base (ankle side / left) is brown, the base / roots of the tree and the flower connecting them is red, deep red, like a heart, like blood. Roots and heart make the base of the tree. Up each side is green (growth, Ireland, beauty) and blue (water, the water of life, rain) and blue and green just look beautiful together. Add a little orange (the flowers, green and orange for the irish flag) and you have one hot, beautiful, lovely, love-filled tattoo.

So, can you believe I am already thinking of the next one?

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  1. This was a unique birthday gift I’ve ever seen. Know what? you just gave me an idea. I am thinking now to have a tattoo too and have my girlfriend’s name on it. My girlfriend will surely appreciate it.

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