Milestones and meanderings

  1. 107 days smoke free. I *knockknockknock* am a non-smoker. 
    1.  I DO feel better 
    2. I like me this way 
    3. I believe in the very fiber of my being that I have kicked this habit 
    4. I still miss it, and often find myself looking for new ways to be "cool" 
  2. Today is my one year anniversary of being at my 'new job'. 
    1. I just can't believe its been a year
    2. What a difference a year makes 
    3. Sometimes I miss my episco-tribe, but know that right now, this is the right place for me to be 
    4. Grass is not greener, its just different
  3. A lot of funerals on the docket lately
    1. Reminds me of my six word memoir
    2. Reread the chapter on mourning by Lauren Winner in her book Mudhouse Sabbath. When (not if) I win the lottery, I want to learn more about the Jewish traditions and faith.
    3. I like funerals. I do. I like being in that still, soft, not-quite-real-but-thin space that contemplating ones (mine or someone elses) life brings.
    4. In my next life, and who knows maybe in this one, I would like to be a funeral home director. Think Six Feet Under meets The L Word meets Boys On The Side. Yeah. That's about right.
  4. I get to do something really really cool over the next 4 days. Maybe it will get me out of my writing funk / dry spell. I love the book we have been assigned to read, How (not) to Speak of God. It is making my brain hurt, and I have to read some sentances and paragraphs more than once, but only because of its mind-blowing goodness.

3 thoughts on “Milestones and meanderings

  1. 1) Yea for being a non-smoker. I’ve been smoke free for 2 years and I feel a million times better.
    2) Congrats on the anniversary, although I have Mindy beat by 15 months on job longevity.
    3)Enjoy your really really cool 4 days!

  2. So so so so SO SO SO incredibly proud of you and thankful for your continued kick of the habit. I know it’s hard. I also know you CAN DO HARD THINGS!! And members of your Episco-tribe miss you, too. Cool tat. Maybe I’ll get one some day. I’m thinkin’ celtic/danish tramp stamp . . . .

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