invitation: a.way

If you happen to be in Minneapolis tonight, around 7:30, you should pop over. From C over at Resurrection Life…

a.way: a minnekon event

are all invited to a.way… the culminating event of our time with the
ikon community. It will begin at 7:30pm, Saturday, August 16 at Solomon's Porch.
We are nervously excited to try out these ideas and see what happens…
we hope to explore themes of moving from one place to another, of the
willingness to surrender identity to another who will hold it just as
dear, of what it means to be moving and changing as people, and as
members of institutions of some sort or another, and who have a
newfound stake in the emerging conversation.

As an aside, this has been an amazing event, on so many levels, and when it is over, I'll start to do some reflecting. Right now, Adam over at If God is Love is doing some great blogging capturing the overviews of what we have been playing with. Really, check his blog out.