a new favorite and reflections part 1

Tipping my hat to spookyrach on this lovely find. Its from Crummy Church Signs.

"Satan will rule you all."
submitted by frequent contributor Katherine T.
From that point forward, the secretary was warned to let her medications "kick in" before putting up each week's sign.

I mean really. This is the reason why people like me wear buttons and things that say "I'm not that kind of Christian."

I promised some post Minnekon reflections, and whats wonderful is it did spark my imagination and desire to write/reflect. Sometimes I forget how much I love and need to go to stuff like this. There is so much to percolate on, so much to ponder. Adam is and has done an amazing job blogging about it. If you have a second or two, pop ever there and look at his notes. Great stuff to chew on. I am still really struck with a few nuggets. They are (for longer posting later):

  1. We're getting it all backwards with regards to church / faith 'membership'. We ask people to first believe (get saved, drink the koolaid, etc.) then behave (pray, assimilate, act look and talk like a christian should/would), and when you have done these, then… ahhhhh… THEN you 'belong'. Flip it. Belong… behave… believe.
  2. Its the how we believe, not always or more importantly what.
  4. Doubt is not what makes faith weak but what makes it strong.

There is so much more. And I promise once my desk is clear, and I can really un-noodle some thoughts. In a few words, I made some new friends both close and far. I think I have heard some words and ideas that really resonate with me personally and for the church. It is good to make and take time for play. To be continued…


6 thoughts on “a new favorite and reflections part 1

  1. Very very good!
    I dealth with two *Christian* women yesterday. Filled with venom. All I could think was *why WOULD a non-believer want to be like them?*
    And it looks like your two ladybugs are fornicating. I’m just saying.

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