part three minnekon and…

Revolutionary Creativity
Is given & received
prescribed as fact
Has the possibility to be revolutionary

The above is one of the poems that was created from our Minnekon adventure that I've been talking about in the last few posts. There were a total of 13 poems created, all of them, looking over them again, warm a spot in my heart looking back to last week. I have been to many conferences, many learning events in my life, but this one. Mmmmm. This one. Its still with me like a warm bowl of steel cut irish oatmeal on a cold winter day. It was scary, not knowing anyone, not even being sure of what would happen. I went on faith, on a hope and whim, that something would be there, waiting to teach me, stir me, light a fire beneath my hind (and heart) parts. Whoa. You know that whole thing of not ten, but ten times ten? I am living into that space right now.

So in my last post, I said there was a third thing, that would need a bit more space. A bit

more thinking on. Well, here goes.

For the longest time I worked in restaurants and then/now churches. The thing that I did and do best, is relationship building. In restaurants I helped create experiences where people would want to be a regular customer, or at least tell all their friends about the place. I was a food/restaurant evangelist. In churches, I did the same thing really, they called me the Director of Membership and New Member Coordinator. I helped people feel like they were connected, like they belong. I got them to sign up, sign on, pledge. What am I good at? Inviting people to become a raving fan of something or another, and helping them stay connected, make them feel like they are 'home' and they 'belong'.

So over the minnekon experience one of the things that Peter talked about was how maybe churches get membership backwards. Typically we are under the operating system that goes something like this:

First: Believe. (let me tell you what to believe, get saved, accept the 'right' doctrine, etc.) Then: Behave. (we'll teach you how to pray, how a christian should walk, talk, smell, look, etc. and so on) Finally: Belong. (whooo hoo! you made it though the hoops! now you are one of "US")

Shouldn't it be flipped? And does A+B always equal C? Is faith a formula? 

We all belong to God. All. Our holy houses / god spaces / ______ should be public, open to all, without distinction. Everyone belongs in God's eyes. And you know what they say about how to become a thin person? You gotta start acting like one, thinking like one. You gotta behave the part, and change will happen. If you learn what the actions are (practice, exercise), try them on, give them a shot, well change will happen. Transformation can happen. Might not always look like what you set out for, but maybe that is not the point. Finally, believe. Again, its no formula. But in creating a space where you find/feel you belong, are invited to learn the ways, the practices, the rituals, belief can come, un-hurried, not pushed, or forced, but can come in the way that God would have it.

Still so much to think about. I know that this last post is not revolutionary to some, but it gets right under the very fabric of who I have been, and who I am becoming. More later to be sure. Where you at with this?


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  1. Rachel – yes, this is so great. I think Pete really gets this right. I can’t imagine how revolutionary it would be to switch this around as Pete suggests. I am so very intrigued by this idea. It makes me hopeful for what is to come. Maybe it can happen. I want to help make it happen.
    I’ve enjoyed your posts about the conference. And thanks for sending people my way.

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