you really want to know?

Top 5 songs that get stuck in my head from time to time:

5) She Bangs – Ricky Martin (rockin' my workout this morning)
4) Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot (not kidding)
3) Falling Slowly – The Frames / Once Soundtrack
2) Come thou font of every blessing (I freely admit my church dork-dom here and now)
1) The 80's hit turned strange pop culture phenomenon (hey wait theres another, phenom-a nah! do do dee do do, phenom-in-nah, do do dee do, phenom-i-nah do do dee do do….)

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

Whats stuck in your head?

7 thoughts on “you really want to know?

  1. Wow, I’m relieved to know that “She Bangs” gets stuck in someone else’s head too. Someone who is not, you know, a 12 year old girl. 🙂 That song is addictive.
    I can’t think of any others at the moment because now all I can hear is Rick Astley…
    (FANTASTIC park warning sign, by the way!)

  2. Oh man…Rick Astley? Really? I would have thought that was before your time, girl.
    My head…when I’m late for something, it’s either Flight of the Bumblebee or the William Tell Overture. Random crap like the Limbo Song (super annoying, since I know maybe 2 words to it), B-52s Love Shack gets in there once in a while, and for the love of all that is good & holy, ABBA songs are the WORST earworms on the planet.
    What’s really fun is when you get Spanish songs in your head, with great music and the hum of the lyrics that are generally so much mumbo jumbo with the word “corazon” always somewhere in there.

  3. I just read the last one again. I totally know the “phenom-a nah!” ditty, but what comes to my mind with it is a couple of muppet monsters from the Muppet Show (or maybe as far back as Stress-me Street) singing it back & forth. Still cracks me up.

  4. I always sing and loudly to Rick Astley. I don’t know why, I just do. I am totally digging Low vs Diamond & Three Days Grace right now, but I’m mad for the Foo Fighters.

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