Saint Amy – Saint of All That is Right in the World

Follow up for your prayers… (from her CaringBridge site)722a99fc11c4dce555d6660

Dear friends and family,

Amy died this morning at 5:01 a.m. She had trouble breathing during some of the night, and her signs continued to show us that she would leave us soon.

Amy's mother in law Judy and her husband Jim were by her side at the moment of her death and in a brief moment the rest of us, who had been sitting in the living room by candlelight, circled around her to say the Lord's Prayer. It started to rain at that very moment. (Writers note: It is still raining here in MN, and I suspect it will be for some time.)

The children were still sleeping in their rooms. (Note: She has two beautiful kids, both under the age of 6) Amy's mom Linnea, her cousin Kim, her second cousin Alex (who sang so beautifully through the night) and I were all there to hold each other and to touch Amy one last time.

This morning as the light came, the children asked where their mom was. Jim told them that she had died and that she was in Heaven, but that she could still hear them and see them.

Soon we will tell you the details of Amy's funeral. Thanks for loving Amy so much.

Love, NanciAmy's sister

We commend to you, O God, our sister, the blessed totally kick ass funny smart beautiful saint Amy. In our sorrow, let us take rest in the life that we shared with her, as short as it was. Let us find comfort in places unexpected and holy. Help us who are left behind to cope in our grief. God of justice and mercy, help. Help. It hurts. Amen.


9 thoughts on “Saint Amy – Saint of All That is Right in the World

  1. I cried while reading this. What a wonderful life and spirit.
    Thank you so much for sharing her with us.
    Praying for her family and for you and sweetie.

  2. I wish I had some wonderfully profound statement to ease your time of grief and offer solace. But alas, I come empty handed. I offer you all I can give, my love and support.
    My Thoughts are with you, Your Sweetie, and Saint Amy’s Family/Friends.

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