but right now…


  • I will grieve and sob with friends and others over the loss of a friend 
  • I will raise a glass to said friend 
  • There will be about 5 or 6 things added to my to do list 
  • A few things might also get crossed off that to do list (though it looks doubtful)
  • My job will still be my job, for all its ups and well, not very up parts 
  • I will begin to pack for the conference I am going to over the weekend in Houston, TX 
  • I will get back on my elliptical (and stop killing myself with guilt and shame of not doing it every day)
  • I will probably 'google' maybe 10 or 15 random thoughts 
  • Will bring me closer to fine 

But today, but right  …  now   …   here and now
  • My pint of cider tastes real good 
  • I see my love, in the afternoon light, and give thanks 
  • I have one more day to praise my God 
  • The hot tub is ready for its maiden voyage of the season
  • I know, beyond what I can explain, or point to, or prove, that I am truly LOVED. 



4 thoughts on “but right now…

  1. Been a while since I dropped by to say Hi.
    Sorry to see you sad.
    Said prayers just now as the 6 of us collapse into bed and hope you are doing the same with Peace.
    Knowing you feel LOVED makes me feel loved. Not sure why, but it’s a beautiful thought and expression.

  2. There is age between us.
    There are miles between us.
    There is often time between us.
    There is history between us.
    But always – ALWAYS – there is love.
    Be well, my friend. YOU are closer to fine.
    PS: Just saw Wicked last weekend for the first time. There’s a great song in there – “For Good” – that seems appropriate here, for many reasons.

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