says who? says me.

A change has been coming, its been in the works for a while now. It started out as sort of a science experiment of sorts. Now, it has become a mantra, although a thing that I have to remind myself of from time to time when I forget. What is it, whats the change?

I belong.

Yeah, thats right people, I belong. I fit in here. Where? Wherever. I matter. I do not get or find my worth in asking others for permission to go somewhere, participate in something. I just show up. And I expect to find something there, waiting for me. To teach me, to show me. I expect to hear and listen and see. I expect to be welcomed, and if I am not, I look for ways to make it happen. I have spent far too much of my life waiting around for others to make something happen. And whats worse, is I have blamed them. For leaving me out, not picking me, or worse picking me last and thinking that is somehow a measure of my worth.

Friends, this is officially the end my pity party of a live I have lived. Feel free to mark my words, remind me, and help me to remember.

10 thoughts on “says who? says me.

  1. I am so proud of you. Yet, I have felt that you have always belonged, mattered, counted. You are the life of the party to me.
    You would be the first person that I would pick to be on my team.

  2. When EVER you feel down, have self doubt or feel that you don’t “belong”, Remember the following.
    You BELONG. As long as you have been alive, you have always belonged. You MATTER, and have always mattered. You are LOVED, and always will be loved.
    If you doubt this, then you doubt US! Your friends and Family.
    Now, you wouldn’t wanna do that would you? We’d be forced to come crash your Pity party. And pity partys have a maximum occupancy of ONE.

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