What can you do while pooping?


You can be like Julie. And while she is no Sweetie, or Ellen, or Leo, she is kinda cool. Like you.


5 thoughts on “What can you do while pooping?

  1. I almost wish I wasn’t already registered to vote so I COULD register while pooping. Wait, I’m not sure I can multitask like that.
    Well, at least I’m registered.
    Good work spreading the word, Swan!

  2. Great video. How much do I love Sarah Silverman? (almost as much as I love Tina Fey…she will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine). I would bust me off a piece of Leo given the opportunity as well. That man right there is one way I know there is a God. (that He made me queer is how I know God has a sense of humor as well)
    Anyway, 1) register; 2) get educated; 3) vote your heart. If your heart says someone that can see Russia from her house has ideal foreign policy experience, then glory be, cast that ballot. If the fact that some boys take it in the pooper is a direct challenge to the sanctity of YOUR marriage, the punch that ticket. Do not dangle your chad, baby…you’d better f’n mean it.
    Because *I* am voting. And I am armed (and dangerous, but that’s a whole nother lunch). And my friends are voting. And we’re sick, and we’re tired, and we’re poor, and we’re middle class, and we’re men, and we’re women, and we’re straight, and we’re ALL kinda queer, and WE all f’n mean it.
    But hey, if you’re busy that day, or you forgot to take your laptop into the bathroom with you for your evening constitution, then just stay home. Be sure to let me know how that works out for you.
    XOX Rae

  3. Well, you can register to vote, find your polling station, etc. The pooping and voting at the SAME time… well, that might be messy, and would require extra underpants, or depends. Smelly anyway.

  4. I am already registered to vote, but if I wasn’t then I would so go to this website and register while pooping. Yes, that is what I would do, for sure!
    Camille-Mindy’s daughter

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