post debate… *sigh*

What is it about Joe? He's a plumber, he drinks six packs. I don't understand this strange person that the McCain-Palin ticket keeps speaking to. I'm no Joetheplumber-1.jpg.w300h274
elitist. I just don't get… it. Them. And Joe. I wonder if I am as confusing to Mr. Joe as he and his needs in a president are to me.

On the serious side: Pro-abortion. C'mon. No one, not one, is pro-abortion. There is no pro-abortion movement. There is pro-life, a movement that sadly does not typically speak to all life by including the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, the imprisoned and on death row in its argument. It limits the definition of life it will advocate for and focus on to one issue: the unborn. Then there is the pro-choice movement. This movement is about advocating for a woman's right to choose. It is not PRO abortion. 

I screamed. I said "huh?" a lot. I laughed, and almost cried. Oh, the drama of it all. 
Bring on November 4. I am ready. Are you?

7 thoughts on “post debate… *sigh*

  1. absolutely!!
    Colleen and I said the exact same thing…Pro-Abortion?? Not AT ALL what being pro-choice is. Talk about trying to manipulate a topic.
    It’s time for Papi McSame to go away.
    I’m ready for some REAL change.

  2. His sneering “health” comment just about sent me through the television.
    As did his “Nuclear waste? No problem.”
    As did his “Joe, you’re a rich man.”
    As did his Palin-esque dodges of questions he didn’t want to/couldn’t answer.
    As did his general snarky, patronizing, angry tone.
    Blech. Blech. Blech.

  3. I could only watch a few minutes, and then his utter tool-ness overwhelmed me and I had to get up before a ruby croc turned my big screen tv into modern art in my living room. See previous post about voting: hell to the yeah, I’m voting. And my friends are voting. And my brother – how I love my brother – is voting. And we’re all voting NO on prop 8 out here in SoCal. Cuz I may actually get married someday. And if my getting married to the woman I have been with for 9 years – NINE YEARS PEOPLE!!! – if that means some dipshit republican (who’s probably closeted & having an affair anyway) loses HIS marriage? I get to say neener neener, which is pretty much the most fun thing you can say to a republican.
    I’m so voting. I may do it with a vibrator to make a point. I’m not sure what the point would be, but I’d be doing it *my way*.
    >*puts away soap box*< I need sleep.

  4. OMG! You people rock my socks! So flippin’ hilarious:). My poo morning was just turned jolly by the fabulosity of you all! Yeah, that’s right, I said FABULOSITY!Thanks:)

  5. Can we just make the whole election process 90 days? It would be MUCH easier on me if it could work that way.
    Politicians are all morons. It doesn’t matter what side they are on.

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