when in doubt

5 things about me (that are different than the last time I did this). Brought to you by the letter S and the Committee for the Swandive Needs a Little Inspiration. 

  1. I am currently a bit frustrated with my inability to pick a photo program (iPhoto, picasa, flickr, etc.) in which I will import ALL my photos, and finally, FINALLY, make that wedding photobook. Yeah – thats my two year wedding anniversary goal. (taking suggestions)
  2. I have just updated my blogroll, both here on the blog, and in iGoogle. *ahhhhh* Better. 
  3. I have a new job, un-paid, and I love it. I am the new e>vangelist / Community Catalyst for Evolution Through Vacation. Will you go and check it out, and throw some feedback my way? Please?
  4. I love The Wire. A lot. 
  5. Apple season, pretty leaves, cool air, sweaters and firing up the hot tub: Fall is here. Its my favorite time to live in Minnesota. 

2 thoughts on “when in doubt

  1. 1. If you’re that frustrated, just simplify: eeny, meeny, miny mo your way through them till you have just one left!
    2) Feeling of accomplishment…nice 🙂
    3) cuz you have SO much spare time to be a non-profit unto yourself >wink<. Good for you – do whachoo love, chile!
    4)Didn't get into The Wire yet, but am loving True Blood and have a big ole sexy close up of the tongue-licking-the-blood-off-the-lip poster up in my officle at work. Hawt.
    5) I am so throwing envy & jealousy your way. I miiiiiiiiiiiiissssss Fall in MN!!! Although, I have to say, the whole shorts in January thing is SO worth the trade off (most of the time).
    Lovin you – meanin it –

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