a new look

Yeah, I am just trying on the new look, seeing how it fits. (comments about the look are welcome) I am still the same ol' me. See, its Friday, and I am taking a shot at the friday 5. I know I know, its been a while. Anyway, here goes.

Revgalblogpal Friday Five: Positive Potpourri Edition

Will Samma says: Greetings
friends! It's been awhile since I've contributed to the posts here at
the revgalblogpals website, but I agreed to step into the Fifth Friday
of the Month Friday Five slot.

So here I be.

As I zip
around the webring it is quite clear that we are getting BUSY. "Tis the
season" when clergy and laypeople alike walk the highwire from Fall
programming to Christmas carrying their balancing pole with family/rest
on the one side and turkey shelters/advent wreaths on the other.

And so I offer this Friday Five with 5 quick hit questions… and a bonus:

1) Your work day is done and the brain is fried, what do you do?

Couch surfing of some sort. For the last I don't even know how long, it has been watching an episode or 3 of The Wire, the second greatest TV show of all time. It just ended on Tuesday night. I am already feeling a bit lost. What DID I do before The Wire? *ugh*

2) Your work week is done and the brain is fried (for some Friday, others Sunday afternoon), what do you do?

Celebrate with some thai food, a hot tub, and listmaking. (yeah, listmaking.)

3) Like most of us, I often keep myself busy even while programs are on the tv. I stop to watch The Office and 30 Rock
on Thursday nights. Do you have 'stop everything' tv programming or
books or events or projects that are totally 'for you' moments?

*sniff* See above. Well, actually, now that I think about it, my other stop and watch is actually a whole channel, BBC America. A little 'You Are What You Eat' followed by 'Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares', that tends to stop me in my tracks. Other than that the only thing that brings me to a full stop is Sweetie, and whatever her heart desires.

4) When was the last time you laughed, really laughed? What was so funny?

Last night, with my FAB-u-lous hair man, James. He, is magic, and in addition to being the best hair stylist, ummmm…. EVER, is a true cut-up in every sense of the word. Do you live in the Twin Cities and need a new hair man? I'll hook you up.

5) What is a fairly common item that some people are willing to go cheap on, but you are not.

Toilet paper. And produce. But really, toilet paper.

It's become trite but is also true that we often benefit the most when
we give. Go ahead, toot your own horn. When was the last time you gave
until it felt good?

No tooting. I can't remember. Its either sad or I am becoming really Lutheran (not like its a bad thing, just a don't toot your own horn thing).


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  1. Love the tree motif on the new page. (By the way, unrelated note, also read Nadia’s book and thought it was great.)
    Good play! I was once hooked on Coupling via BBC America, but I think I’ve seen them all by now.

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