those tears in my eye

A few of them are for President Elect Obama. I do believe in fact, YES – We can. And we have.

But most of those tears, are about California, Arkansas, Florida and Arizona. I read a note from my friend Christopher this morning, and think he says it so well.

With the passage of Proposition 8 yesterday, my partner and I will have
to settle for domestic partnership when that time finally can come. I
hope and pray that those who supported Proposition 8 will not now use
this constitutional amendment to undermine local and state domestic
partnership laws as they have elsewhere in the country. I fear that
they will. We seem to always need someone to be inferior in order for
us to feel good about ourselves. We used to call that Sin.

At heart, Proposition 8 reveals how fragile are our rights generally,
and our civil rights particularly, not just those of lgbt people, but
of all people
. At any time a simple majority can amend away the rights
of the minority when whipped into a frenzy. I am reminded of how
quickly people can be stripped of rights and even full citizenship by
the crowd. Our founding fathers warned of unadulterated democracy
because of this tendency to mobocratic majoritarian tyranny. Democracy
too can mete out evil toward neighbors. Ambiguity remains even with
this system that has been called the lesser evil of the alternatives.

I am a mixed bag of emotions. In South Dakota and Colorado the abortion issues were defeated handily, holding up a woman's right to make decisions her own body. As a woman who is pro-choice (no it is not called pro-abortion people, no matter what Sarah Palin says), this makes me very happy.

I guess I am finally starting to understand that it is all about fear, trying to name who the boogy-man really is. And here I sit, as queer as they come.
A booga booga booga. Rawr.


4 thoughts on “those tears in my eye

  1. Yeah. I know. It is painful.
    I don’t even necessarily want to get married. (That’s a lie. I do. Beloved doesn’t, for a whole host of pretty good reasons having nothing to do with our love and commitment). But damn it. We should have those rights. We should.
    But there is hope today. There is. Thank you for a lovely and true post.

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