love 2.0

2 years ago, on a beautiful November day, my beloved and I stood before our communities of family, friends and faith and told them and God that we wanted to spend all of the rest of our days loving one another.

OK – what we really said was:

In the name of God and before this congregation, I, (Rachel/Karen), take you (Rachel/Karen), as
my beloved, my partner, my own; to honor and cherish you; to share with
you in life’s joys and triumphs, and to stand with you in times of
grief and misfortune.
I will be truthful in all things and strive with you to create a home filled with reverence and hospitality. I will love you all the days of my life. This is my solemn vow.

Two years later, feels like two days. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank my God for this love that we share. I am blessed beyond my wildest understanding, I love her more than I can put words to. She is my best friend, my partner, my beloved, my anam cara. Together, love.

14 thoughts on “love 2.0

  1. Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! La la la la….. dooooooo bop doodle poodle 🙂
    I love you girls.
    P.S. You must sing this whole in order for it to be correctly communicated.

  2. It was one of the best days of my life, that day two years ago, and I’m still learning what love is really about from watching the two of you. Many happy blessings to you both on this joyful day!

  3. It was a rockin’ great wedding. Happy Anniversary and keep on lovin’. I wish Dale had worn a kilt to our wedding – but we didn’t think of that. You did! Love you both. B

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