the bed-bug has bitten

Or, shall I say, the bug of justice that people want to say is about what happens in my bed. But here is the deal folks. Love, happens in about 80 hundred thousand gah-gillion million other places than in bed. You know that, I know you do.

Something happened on November 4th, and I am finding it extremely hard to go back.

I have always taken this beautiful child's sign to heart: Lead by example, demonstrate tolerance, equality, justice. I have had a sign up at my desk ever since I first heard the quote, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi:

"Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words."

This has been my life, my message.

Most who know me know that I have NOT been the flag waving, sticker bearing, queer that some feel called to be. Sure I go to gay pride festivals and am by no means in a closet of any kind. I just don't think that my queer-ness defines me, it feels like such a narrow view of me and the whole fabulous-ness of who I truly am and am called to be. I just want to be me, the me who is just "normal" like you. I want what you want: a home, a job, food on my table, to enjoy the company of friends and family. I want a spouse, love, safety, laughter and I want to give to my communities of faith and interests.

But something happened in reading the results on November 5th, the day after. A piece of my being, that I never knew existed, woke up and said "hey – that is you they are discriminating against, you can't deny that or ignore it any longer."

Yes, I will continue to let my life be my message. I will continue to show love, like the love I have with my beloved. But a voice from within is beginning to rise.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart always be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my God.


5 thoughts on “the bed-bug has bitten

  1. There is no such thing as “normal”. We are unique and that is what makes us special. Small minded people who cannot accept someone for who they are just plain piss me off. I want to get in the face of religious zealots and remind them “judge not lest ye be judged”.
    As long as there is a label there will always be discrimination. Why do we need to label everything. We are human, we are unique. End of story.
    Love the post and the pic!

  2. Scritti Politti: Cupid & Psyche 85?? Wow, I thought I was the only person in the world who still listened to that album!!!!
    If reality is a bell curve, then we must accept that there are people who are outside of the massive grouping in the middle. And yet, those people are still “normal”, even if they don’t reside in the massive middle.
    No matter how far out we are, are friends are, or our family are. We are all still “normal”. The simple bell curve accounts all of us…and thus we are all “normal”
    Personally, I prefer Nermal.

  3. Labels are for soup & veggies so we know what we’re getting @ the grocery store. I can’t tell you how much I love how the world is reacting to Prop 8 passing. I hold high hopes that it will be struck down – again – via the courts. Perhaps this will serve as a (not so) gentle lesson for other states, that it is NOT OK to legislate discrimination, that it is NOT OK to hate, that it is NOT OK to be self-serving and judgemental.
    It would be helpful if people could get over the “marriage” moniker, while we’re talking about lables. Here’s my idea: call it all “purple,” or “george,” or whatever you want to call it. You want marriage to be a sanctified union? Great – you get “married” in a church, but you still have to file for “purple” with the state. If the church condones marriage between same sex couples, then so be it – if you don’t like it, take it up with your church. But “purple” should be “purple” for everyone, exactly the same, and that, my friends, is a legally binding contract, available for all.
    Separation of church & state. Hmm…too bad the founding fathers didn’t think of that 200+ years ago. OH WAIT! THEY DID!

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