open my lips O Lord, oh wait…

Duct-tapeIts a funny thing, prayer. Today I went looking for prayers to help me shut up. Really. Let me tell you, it is not an easy one to 'google'.

Here's the thing: I have found that my foot has been in my mouth a lot more lately than I would like it to. And sometimes, I just can't help myself, I can't SHUT. UP. I get all caught up, thinkin' I'm super smart and have some "divine" word to add. Or even worse, I need to be noticed, like a five year old who just wants mommy to look when she says "look mommy, look look look look look look, mommy… LOOK!" Seriously. *ugh*

I commit, and then need to cut and run.
I give advice, and can't keep it.
I talk about revolution, and then ask for the remote control and to pass the chocolate bon bons.
I find myself using the buzzword 'change', but find that the only change I really know is the .48 cents in my pocket.

I am sick to death of myself, my false words, my hyperbole, rants, broken promises. And still I long, and know that I do have something to offer, some added value. If only I could shut up long enough and be diligent enough to listen and follow.

Come, Lord Jesus. Come. Someone needs your healing and holy duct tape across her mouth. Amen.


8 thoughts on “open my lips O Lord, oh wait…

  1. Are you sure that you sure this isn’t some kind of hint for the verbal oversharer like myself? I feel like you have described me perfectly. Except my voice is for household organization. And then I just pile everything I clean up in the corner.
    Yipee! I’m a Virgo with inferior organization skills. I’m going to be kicked out of the order.

  2. LOL… Rachel, somehow I can’t feature you needing duct tape, either sacred or profane…. and yet, I’ll trust you on this. Praying with you for words of wisdom, kindnes and truth.

  3. Aww honey…if you just shut up, we wouldn’t have a blog to read 🙂 You can’t do that. You has faaaanss!
    God just gives you lots to think about, and talk about. And every single person on the planet that dispenses advice has the most difficult time applying it to themselves. It’s normal.
    You just do it with a sense of humor and elan!
    PS: happy thanksgiving 🙂 see you @ xmas?

  4. Yikes, I could have written this myself. Seriously! I agree with Dijea – pray for something positive, like awareness.
    And always remember and trust your knowing that you do have something to offer. Find techniques to discern when it’s ‘value’ and when it’s hyperbole.

  5. Girl, I am feelin you!
    “what I should have said… was, nothing…”
    but don’t shut up too much, ok? i like hearing you.
    yours in the struggle,
    ps I just tagged you in my blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

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