because sometimes I wonder

When my friends haven't posted for a few days.

I am just back from an event in Memphis, TN – The Great Emergence. Its going to take me a moment to gather all my thoughts. Suffice it to say, it was wonderful, for all sorts of reasons. I met friends from online, made new friends. Stayed with good friends, and stepped outside of myself.

The thing is I have a thousand bits running in this little brain of mine, but the snow has come, the air is cold, and I am suddenly feeling shushed from the inside.

(Will you tell me what you are up to please?)


5 thoughts on “because sometimes I wonder

  1. Glad to have you back Rachel. What am I up to? Trying to get a post compiled of the latest Episcopal Church tidbits, and an Advent reflection as well…it’s harder than it looks but I know I will succeed if I just put my mind to it and do it. It is cold outside and I have much running amok in my brain as well. You’ll hear from me soon, I promise. And I keep my promises.

  2. I am up to about 3 a day . no wait.. i am up to 174.8lbs. { point eight???} omg do i have body issues?? haha
    i am finally getting around to my address book, as i usually become overwhelmed at the task, and facebook is not helping any.
    the snow has hit wichita, the dogs are snoozing, and i am trying to organize my computer, which i vowed to keep neat and tidy, but which has taken on a life of its own.
    what are some of these bookmarks?? why is my vitamin link in my real estate folder? did i really bookmark this much stuff or is joker using the laptop again!!
    oh my sleek and simple desktop what have i done to you???
    before i know it, it will be 11pm, my ass will be flat, my eyes tired, and i will have ventured back to you tube to watch cute fuzzy kitten videos.
    i need a few more me’s to keep up with all this unimportant stuff.
    most importantly of all… i am thinking about rachel and karen. hugs hugs hugs and a big wet slobbery kiss. [ hey … with robert you get slobber, its just part of the deal!!!]

  3. SS, DD in SoCal. It is SO cold here…it only got up to 70 yesterday. I actually had to put on long sleeves. Brrr…
    Just kidding. It feels like Fall in MN here, which I miss terribly. Completely looking forward to two full weeks back home with mom – and you & your lovely, as well – for the holidays. Potential road trip to see “Wicked” in Chi-town before it closes.
    Today was “Day without a gay” here in Cali (if not other places, not sure). Alas, my work ethic overrode my queer ethic, and I went to work because I had a major presentation to give. I did, however, pretty much refuse to do anything more than the bare minimum required of me for the entire day. Which means I did my dog-and-pony show, processed a couple of orders, then took sharpies to little foam penguins & made them look like a flamenco dancer, sherlock holmes and a Valentino couture model (I’ll explain later).
    G is good, kids are good, school is…well, it’s there…writing is awesome. I have been doing that a LOT lately. Met some great folks on LiveJournal. Having a ball with my muse.
    Glad your trip went well. Can’t wait to see you!

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