two things

1. Being queer, its a matter of choice. Read on.
2. Harvey Milk: A man FAR ahead of his time. Watch, listen. Go see the movie.

(Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, back to regular posting soon.)

4 thoughts on “two things

  1. I too enjoyed both these links and will be seeing the film as soon as I can. I’ve been trying to send you an e-card but I don’t think it’s worked – iconographer Robert Lentz has done some wonderful unconventional icons, one of which is of HM. Go to, click the “Our artists” link on the left, then “Robert Lentz” then his “Images that challenge” and you will see it. Many of his other images are worth exploring too.
    I smiled at the ‘choices’ link – very well written. But it also caused me to reflect on my own life as a bi woman – I’ve sometimes found my ‘choices’, or even what is perceived as my luxury of choice, questioned by both the queer and straight communities.

  2. Rach-
    Great links.
    You hit the nail on the head with your comment “what is perceived as my luxury of choice”.
    If it REALLY was a “Luxury of choice” everyone else would be free to make the same choice… Since we are all free to “choose” the only people limiting them, are themselves.
    AH…but if it’s NOT choice. Who are “they” to question who you are/what choices you make?
    I sure wouldn’t!

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