damn you facebook

You have gone and stole my muse.

Where is she? I know you have her somewhere. I mean, really. Its so hard to blog without her. I promise, no more stupid applications, no more time sucking, just let me have her back on my shoulder please. I miss her.

Yours truly.


5 thoughts on “damn you facebook

  1. This post confirms one of my fears about facebook, and one of the reasons why I remain facebookless.
    I hope she comes back.
    Peace and Love

  2. Ha! I kinda feel the same way. I’m a recent addition to the FB thing, but it does seem to suck the creativity out of you. But it has improved my one-liners.

  3. How do you find anything to do on facebook? It is not my favorite place.
    I will just have to be your muse. *grins* Is it better if I pose like this? Or This?

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