Ireland::my love affair part 1

ballyvaughn by you.I love my friend Mindy, she always asks great questions. In my last post she asked "When did your love affair with Ireland begin?" So I thought I would take a few posts to reflect on my favorite place in the whole world, my favorite vacation and the land that I am quite sure I have lived before.

I feel like Ireland has always been inside of me. I can't remember a time when the music or images or people have not left me somehow — breathless. But if I had to peg it down to one time it would be in 1996. That was the year I first saw (get ready for the cheese moment, and please don't judge)…

Riverdance. I still hear the soundtrack and am taken back to that time, those people, those first few hours of feeling home with something and someone I had never met in this lifetime, but had known for my whole life before that time.

I was working at the State and Orpheum Theaters and the little pub next door MacKenzie. My sister was working at the pub, a lot more than I was. I had tickets for the last night of the show Riverdance. My sister and I went to the show, ran over to Mack for intermission, and then after the show to meet the crew and orchestra folks that my sister could not wait for me to meet. She had become friends with many of them.

Working at MacKenzie really has been and was one of the greatest gigs of my life. Being right next door to the Orpheum, and sharing the backstage area parking lot meant I have met a lot of really cool people in my time. I even was kissed by Michael Nouri once. But I digress…

So the thing about working at MacKenzie is that you meet a lot of people that are in town for a few days or weeks and then gone. And that night, the last night of the show, I met Ken.

(to be continued…)


5 thoughts on “Ireland::my love affair part 1

  1. Do you know how long it would take me to get to Ireland from where I live? Maybe two hours. Have I ever been? No! It’s a disgrace, especially as I have Irish blood.
    I’ve really gotta go.
    Look forward to hearing more of your gaelic love affair.

  2. I’ll meet you there for a drink when you are ready. And I’ll show you my favorite spots and we can discover some new ones. (You really should try and go.)

  3. I see we both read McLaren, I need to read the Tickle book, but am in school already with no time for extra. Sunday School is a whole online thing from St. Ignatius that my people are doing right now. I like that you have over 8 months of kickin’ it. I have over 23 years. I have been to England, but not Ireland. Much to my dismay. My kitty looks like your kitty a bit. And I am putting on a white knot starting tomorrow. I relate. Expect fun stuff for your package.

  4. This is somewhere I would LOVE to go. I went to New Zealand in 2008 and would say that if felt like going home. I even got the driving on the left. I should really put that on my list.
    BTW, I love Mindy too, but I’ve never met her. One day….

  5. Thank you so much for starting this. This is how I feel about Austin when I go there. I realize I am comparing apples to oranges but I do kinda understand.
    And I love you too. This manies. Always.

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