the first trip:: part 4

Hindsight IS in fact 20/20.

My relationship blossomed with Tim at nearly the same time as the rest of my life was falling apart. He was my awesome distraction, my constant and handsome shiny thing. But even better, he let me role play into all sorts of places of myself that were both naughty and nice. I was allowed to recreate a new person; one who enjoyed late nights, a pint and a nip, fast life, risks, chances and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants'ery. We played married I think from day one. So then it should come as no surprise that we did get engaged to be married. And it was the (at the time) perfect proposal. (It WAS perfect at the time, only more wonderful and perfect was the proposal that came from my beloved Sweetie much later.)

From day one it seems Tim and I talked about taking a vacation to Ireland. We decided we would go for a month, and go where our hearts desired — no plans, just letting ourselves be blown by the sea breezes and ducking into a pub each day at noon for a pint and soup.

Now we were both not how you would say "bookish" or book smart folks. So when the email came letting me know that tickets to Glasgow, Scotland were only $250.00, well I booked them right away. I mean they are RIGHT next door to one another right? (Guess who failed geography in 8th grade? Hmmmmm…) And for some reason we had some sort of buy one get one deal attached. (Yes, this was pre-9/11/01) So, the tickets were purchased and I quickly bought a map, to see how we would get around, in both Ireland and Scotland. Who could have known that they were separated by a body of water. I mention this because sometimes love is blind, and ridiculous and uninformed. However it is always a noble cause and FUN.

So we would rent a car in Glasgow, drive down the coast to Stranraer and hop the ferry over to Larne, Northern Ireland. This was the one and only plan we made.

This would turn out to be THE vacation, the trip that would confirm for me that this place, these people, were my people and I would from then to the rest of my life be working and saving to go back again and again and again.


4 thoughts on “the first trip:: part 4

  1. Nevermind, just realized you were talking about 2 different men.
    *smacks self in forhead*
    Reading comprehention not the best today apparently.
    My apologies!

  2. I sailed from Larne, Norhtern Ireland to Larney, Scotland one Saturday night in the fall of 1985. Only Irish pounds in my pocket on a Sunday morning – you could call it a lack of planning ahead. We need to swap these stories over beer some time!

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