Taking a break from the Ireland series to mark time.

Today and tomorrow mark the 10 year anniversary of when my mom went missing. Each year since I have had the blog I write about this time, what it means, why marking time is important, what the whole story is. If you have not read some of my previous posts, and feel inclined to, you should. I will. Like here and here and here, are just a few. And the series.

This year, I am choosing silence. This year I want to listen instead of talk/write. I am going quiet, to strain my ears to hear her voice, to remember her lessons, to try and quiet my mind enough to hear her speak to me. I will take a walk tomorrow where we had a bench installed in her memory, I might even walk where her remains were found. I'll listen to the music she liked in the car on the way there.

10 years has passed. The old adage may be true – time heals all wounds. Its just not true for me yet.


7 thoughts on “intermission

  1. You share the same smile. She is beautiful.
    You know how to find me if you need someone to sit with you and hold your hand sweetness.
    I love you.

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