Ireland :: vote

To continue or not to continue — that is the question.
What thinkest thou?

Do you like the storytelling so far? Would you like a list of my most favorite things? Highlights? Places to go? More crazy pub stories? Stories about people, places things, ideas?

Help, I need your input on what you would like next.
And of course you could say 'wrap it up!' and I sure will.

What thinkest thou?

8 thoughts on “Ireland :: vote

  1. Um, if this movie doesn’t at least come to a conclusion that leads to sequels, I want my money back … manager.

  2. Please oh please – I am a reader of this serial story. Please don’t leave me hanging. I want to travel with you!

  3. And to think, you haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. The part where everyone finds out that your sister, Cassie, is the coolest person on the planet. Now that part is what I call riveting.

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