part 6 :: sheesh how long will this go on?

I guess as long as it takes, but I do agree with Cassie, I do need to keep writing, perhaps more often. So here we go, back to our story.

Maybe you already know this about me, but I love driving. Like, if I had to pick another thing to do for a living, it would involve driving. A cabbie, better yet a gypsy cabbie, that sounds so dreamy to me. So it should come as no surprise to you that perhaps the best part of being in Scotland and Ireland for me was the driving.

When Tim and I decided to go, he was not old enough (wow, huh.) to drive the rental car (you have to be 25, so no — I was not cradle robbing people). I was more than happy to take that responsibility. Now there is thinking about it, what it would be like to drive in theory, and then, there is actually getting in the car, small and oh so European. The being on the right side driving, manual transmission using my left hand, other side of the road and roundabouts. There are the tiny roads, with no light posts out in the country. There is your natural instinct to drive slower because the road is more narrow, and getting shit for it from the locals. The petrol is spendy, the roads are windy. And you know what? This. Is. Fun.

What do I love about Ireland Mindy? In a word, driving.


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  1. Is that Jeopardy! music I hear in the back of my brain, ticking away the moments to the next post about Ireland and the Irish boy?

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