sitting up and taking notice

Dustin Lance Black – Best Screenplay 2009
Last night the film MILK — was honored at the Oscars. Dustin Lance Black for his screenplay, and Sean Penn for Best Actor. Historic and stunning.

I was not home yet when the award was given to Dustin Lance Black for best screenplay. I chose to miss part of the Oscars to go and see a friend — the wonderful, ever charming, down to earth and on of my personal awe-inspirers — Sara Miles. (More on her next) So, due to the awesome nature of the world wide interwebs, I was able to search for the Oscar moment above.

I watched it once, and then again, and again yet one more time.What I find so moving is that his story, his acceptance speech taken as public narrative, wrapped tightly inside of one minute and 48 seconds, is so powerful.

One man, Harvey Milk touched the lives of so many people, and continues to do so, to this day. One family, loved their son beyond the bounds of their religion. One more life was saved.  One story so powerful as to move a country, an industry, forward — pushing all of us towards a better, more whole, more loving future.

What I think struck me most was Dustin reflecting on what Harvey Milk might have said if he were alive today. Right out of the gate, an affirmation to GLBT folks that G-d loves us, no matter what our churches / religions might offer up otherwise. Hope-filled and powerful words in my estimation.

For those of us who claim church/religion as something we belong to and are a part of, did you notice? Do you find it interesting that the need to apologize for discrimination and hate (or the perception of it) was pointed at us first? I know, duh, right? Why are we not outraged? How is it that anything other than love is what we are known for?

What ever happened to they will know we are Christians by our love?


5 thoughts on “sitting up and taking notice

  1. Let’s talk about homosexuality. Yup, I know- what a dirty word….. 😉

    People are RID IC U LOUS. Seriously. When is it that we can stop talking about what Suzy and Sally do in their free time. We don’t discuss the fact that I like boys every day. Well, I do, but that is a whole other topic.

    I wake up in the morning, go to work, eat, run, hang with friends, drive, snuggle my dog, read, and sleep. Holy Cow! All those gay people have in NO WAY affected my day by being gay… or anyone else’s for that matter.

    It is getting so stupid- has been for many moons. I mean- com on- really. Have we nothing better to do with our time?

    I actually had someone tell me that we are having a serious population problem because all those gay people aren’t repopulating our planet.

    I think one of my eyeballs popped out. Really? Population? What about the millions of kids in foster care, orphanages, or homeless? How about my 50 pregnant 15 year old walking around school like it is a badge of honor. Population my ass. Ever heard of artificial insemination?

    And how about AIDS. Yup- the fault is completely owned by the gay community….. because clearly the HIV virus is immune to us straight people. Morons.

    Or how about at my the Ring Dance I put on last weekend. Half the kids were basically having sex on the dance floor- some rumors say they were actually doing it- the world may never know. Either way- there was ONE gay male couple there. They were flirting and dancing, but about 70 percent less dirty than the hetero couples- and people were more worried about how uncomfortable it made them to see these two boys vs. the kids who were spreading their seeds out on the dance floor. I’m not kidding people- girls bent over so far they could lick the floor and a boy thrusting behind them- apparently that is the new dance craze for 16 year old. Whatever. I don’t want to see teenagers make out or act like that at all, but I would take the two boy’s behavior any day of the week over my little princess honors student whose daddy would have burst a blood vessel had he seen her help her partner “rise to the occasion.” Yuck.

    Well- that was my rant.

    P.S. That man’s speech was fantastic.

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