7 things

No, its not the 25 things of the facebook rage. Its this nifty little award given to me by the always delightful and lovely bloggers: Choralgirl @ Choral Reef and Shalom @ Mine Unbelief. Seriously–awesome company to be in. So here’s how it goes, real simple like.

kreativ_bloggerList 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 people…tagging them and letting them know they won! You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole wide world know you are KReATIV!

Seven Things I Love:

  1. My beloved. (I can’t help it, I know I am so redunant and it is so uh-doy, but I can’t not include her.) Really, I cannot imagine my life or days without her. I could list one hundred million things inside of this list of seven that I love about her–the way she looks when she laughs from across the room comes to mind first. I just love her, all of her, I love her somethin’ crazy awful.
  2. Listening to 80s music (with my friend Mitch, who is more awesome than I think he is capable of knowing).
  3. Sleeping in. My mom, if she were alive, would have listed this in her ‘seven things i hate’. She hated my need to sleep in that much. I still think of her each time my beloved begs me to get up. Incidentally, I mostly love Saturdays for this reason.
  4. This American Life with Ira Glass, who turned 50 this week. (Crazy!)
  5. Dancing, all by my self, completly alone–just me, G-d and the music, to some groove that makes me feel pretty and like the beautiful being that I am on the inside.
  6. The first sip of coffee in the morning, with sweet dark agave and whole milk.
  7. Finally, I almost can’t believe this makes the list, being a non-smoker. For almost a year now. I finally get it. It finally stuck. And I now LOVE being a non-smoker.


I want to share this award with:

  1. Kirsten at Barefoot and Laughing, who through it all–which is a lot–has kept the faith.
  2. Maybe I can coax Max at Christians and Writers and Queers, Oh My! to post? Who knows?!
  3. My one, my only, my best bloggy pal, Princess Mindy.
  4. Shes always posting something beautiful, something lovely, maybe she will play, Sally? Will you play?
  5. B over at Blogwyn, I adore you. I don’t comment much, but oh how I adore you.
  6. I miss Catherine’s voice too, over at Come To The Table. So perhaps she will play?
  7. Long time RevGal who has stayed connected to me, which I am so grateful for becauase I think shes really neat-o, MB at Terrapin Station.

3 thoughts on “7 things

  1. Your beloved should be your number one amd its not redundant is wonderful. I love 80’s music and sleeping in and coffee. Are you sure we weren’t separated at birth?

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