ate/8 :: Ireland continued

Have you heard? I can't believe no one is reporting on this. I heard the story last week on As It Happens (love the theme song). Waterford Crystal: A total of 480 people lost their jobs on January 30th. Workers are sitting in, in protest. Right on. Update here. Stay tuned. 480 people might not sound like a lot to us, but to this tiny community–I can't imagine how it has affected the local economy and families.

Anyway, on with this story, which continues next stop: Waterford. We arrived on Saturday, toured the crystal factory–a huge highlight for the trip. Definitely a tour worth taking. Sunday, Easter morning we wake up at our B&B, ready for a day of walking on the beaches and general walkabouts, because everything is closed. Its like Christmas in the States, nothing, no thing, is open on Easter in Ireland. We listen to Easter Mass on the radio. Yes, we hadn't packed our Sunday Easter best, so radio and our lovely hosts would be our 'church,' which as it turns out was wonderful.

 From there we meandered along the coastline, dipping in to taste the whiskey in Midleton (mmmmm….. also VERY worth it). We stopped at every whim, every breathtaking moment that caught our fancy until we reached the little town of Kinsale.

From there we began heading north to Cork, towards Blarney, where the nasty rock, aka the blarney stone, is. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about tradition, but kissing that rock, going up that "stairwell" aka the most dangerous incline I have ever attempted, was NOT worth it.

BlarneystoneHave you been? So you go up to the top of this castle, all the while nearly careening down these steps, clinging on to a rope that all of humanity (who mostly has really inadequate hygene practices, or at least that is what I am left to believe after clinging to this slimey twine for life) has touched. Finally, you reach the top. *whew* Then, someone instructs you to lay on your back and throw your body out backwards to KISS this rock that, again, everyone on the 
planet kisses. Don't worry, they won't drop you. Yeah, money back please. And whats in it for you? TheyBlarneystone1 tell you its to help you gain more eloquent speech.I say at best you'll get some crappy souvinier from the gift emporium, worst–I can't even imagine, mouth herpes? *ish-kabibble*

You know, right before I post, I think, I have got to wrap this story up. I mean, how long can this post go on? I have barely scratched the surface of Ireland, have not yet told the best stories, and have no idea how long it will take to get there. Are you bored my dear readers? I surely hope not. Maybe a list of must do's, ehhh if you have time, and steer clear at the end would be good, what do you think?

Next stop, the first trip to the Cliffs of Moher, a few tiny little towns that have forever captured my heart called Doolin and Lisdoonvarna, birthing cows, and love on the rocks, literally and figuratively it would turn out.

Stay tuned and for more current news, thoughts and ramblings, stop by my new place.

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