better late than never

Home again home again, jiggity jig. I’ve been home for a few days and have each day tried to carve out time to jot some thoughts down about going to San Francisco to hang out with “Anglimergent” peeps. It was a wonderful trip, but like The Great Emergence event, it was awesome for all the reasons I could never have dreamed of.

Our meeting was held at St. Gregory’s of Nyssa, church home of some fantastically gorgeous people and art. img_1713There were four of us from Minnesota who came for the meeting, and we were graciously put up in some pretty fabulous digs, in one of our hosts home. Our days consisted of being fed–in prayer and (fab) catering, and sitting for long periods of time (sigh), continuing to circle around what seemed to be the main questions img_1715of the day: Who are we (what is “anglimergent”, what are the guiding principles and values) and how do we do this dance with the institutional or Angli part of our identity? Here is a snap shot of some ideas that popped. And I think that Anastasia (whom in meeting was a super highlight for me) did a bang up job of capturing some of our conversation. And of course Wendy and Michele and Rosa Lee and their fabulous twittering caught some stellar moments/sound bites. I am really grateful I went.

How come? (wait for it… here it comes…)

I saw G-d again. In a totally different light. In a way I had not experienced G-d previously, ever.

Was it in the worship? Yes. I have never experienced open, fun, full sensory engaging, reverent and playful worship like at St. Gregory’s. Intentional, gorgeous, broken open through dancing and song, I was shattered by worship, crying because I had no idea I had not worshipped in such a long time. I could go on and on and on (and will if you ask me to in a later post) about why this worship struck me, from start to finish, as a real and present mix of bringing about the Kingdom of G-d on earth as it is in heaven.

Was it the people? Yes. It was the hugging, the smiles, the embracing and kissing. It was knowing, again, that people are just people–smart and failing, beautiful and crazy, broken and in some form of healing and recovery–just like me. I was embraced, a lot. I forgot, or am remembering, why touch—Jesus touch—was so important in his life and the lives of those around him. I met and made new acquaintances who I hope to know better as time goes on. Smart has a bunch of new faces in the corners of my mind.

Was it the food? Yes. Meal time was an awesome time for brainstorming and debriefing, eating slowly, really tasting the food prepared lovingly for us, and taking in time to listen to what each person had heard through the day, hearing what each persons context coming to the table was. It was dinner at 22/23 in the Castro, tea and giggling with my Minnesota peeps in the morning and late into the night. It was all of that AND the meal at THE Table at both St. Gregory’s and Holy Innocents.

Was it the plane ride home? Yes. It was even that. After a huge weekend of content, I think the MN Anglimergents have been pushed, delightfully gotten unstuck from a whole season of navel-gazing and stuckery. We have begun to maybe see a way forward, G-d willing. The revolution, or at least the start of one, feels suddenly on the horizon.

And I am hopeful and ready.


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