(celtic|mexican) tree of life

So I am one of those people who mark time with ink.
When leaving the Bryant Lake Bowl after 3 and a half years (my favorite job, ever) my going away gift from the staff was a tattoo. Mom disappeared, tattoo. Pentecost with my friends, getting crazy in Tampa Florida, tattoo. Mom being found, in love, birthday, a great time to get some ink.

So it stands to reason that when Sweetie and I got married, it would be an inking occasion. So after a long journey of picking artists, picking images,  last night the piece become complete. I love it.

So here it is, our version of a (celtic) Tree of Life. Tatt by Zach Kinsey at Uptown Tattoo, the kindest most amazing shop in the Twin Cities. No, I am not kidding. Watching everyone there yesterday, they make magic for people every day. They made magic for me.




After, freshly finished


7 thoughts on “(celtic|mexican) tree of life

  1. That is lovely, Rachel. What a beautiful way to celebrate your love.
    I think I first recognized that I might be gay after seeing two women on a train in Boston, each of whom sported an identical tattoo on her ring finger… ivy. It stirred something in me that i put away for a long time.
    Thanks for helping me remember.

  2. Cecilia, you have just inspired a new thought, thank you. Thanks you my dear friends for your more than kind words. Redemption indeed. xo

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