The A Team

The A Team

The A Team

No, I am not talking about the show, even though it was quite awesome (and looking at this photo, ummmmm, hello).

I am talking about the “A” in GLBTQIA. Allies. Along the side of my blogroll over there, there is a section dedicated to the A’s. A hetrosexual (straight) ally loosely defined by its wiki:

Straight ally is a colloquial term that describes a heterosexual person who supports equal civil rights, gender equality, and LGBT social movements. Usually, a straight ally is inclusive of various diversity, and may have many gay and lesbian friends.

This morning I was reminded again (reading this post and comments) why these folks are so critical in the larger coming out picture. I believe it is as  important, perhaps more, for a straight ally to come out as it is for a queer person to come out. Why? You give us voice. You are the “other” who moves across the isle and can give credibility to a minority (they say about 10% of an ‘average’ population is queer), a people who when they say something just hear more and more of the same; things like “Why do you keep asking for special rights?” and “*eyeroll* There they go again, just beating the same ol’ drum.” No matter how we spin the message, eventually we all sound a little like the teacher in a Peanuts special.

This, the rights and responsibilities for GLBTQI people, is not about special rights. It is about human rights. It is about love. And for me, it is about expanding and widening G-d’s Kingdom to include all.

Allies, will you come out, and speak out? (and let me know if I can add you to my blogroll)


13 thoughts on “The A Team

  1. Well, hell yes! I’d be honored to join the A-Team. But only if I can be Murdock. 😉

    It’s good of you to highlight the “A”, Rachel – I hope a bunch of badass allies come out and stand up. (Not as badass as Mr. T., obviously, but still.) If that happens, and I somehow miss a follow-up on this post, ping me – I want to blog about this myself.

  2. Hi Rachel, thanks for the link. As you probably could tell by my post already, please count me as one of your A-Team. Blessings and much love, Jeromy.

  3. I am a proud member of the A-Team. Please put me there in Capital Letters. I will never understand the ignorance of those who choose a closed mind.

  4. Rachel – I just made this comment in response to a post by Hugh Hollowell over at Queermergent:

    I think it is sad that most homosexuals highest expectations of followers of Jesus is that we won’t be mean to them. I believe (imho) that God expects a lot more from us. I am praying that more Jesus followers will “come out” with their doubts and admit that they can’t be sure that homosexuality is wrong and proceed to come to grips with how big a deal it is to ask a whole group of people to live their lives single and celibate when the evidence to support that is at best obscure.

    Rachel, I would consider it an honor to be on your list of allies. But first I have to humbly ask your forgiveness for all the years that I was not an ally. I am so very sorry.

  5. Wow Liz. While I can never say I forgive you on behalf of anyone but myself (and perhaps my beloved), thank you for your grace-filled love jarring words. Welcome.

  6. I’m really pleased you explained this because I was wondering about the sidebar link and kept meaning to ask! It’s not a term we use in the UK, but I love it.

  7. Rachel,

    i just now found your post on the Queermergent FB page. i wish that thing notified group members when someone posts something!

    i this this is a FABULOUS idea to include in the ACRONYM! WE NEED STRAIGHT ALLIES because we are a minority! Good on ya!


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