sprouting through

Its day one of the 50 day Eastertide.

It was really fun waking up today, knowing that my eyes were set to look for joy, new beginnings, easter-esque things that might cross my path. What would the day hold? Across facebook it was a smattering of friends sleeping in, resting, or headed back to the grind of day to day life. A friend posted on his status a welcome reminder "to my friends with "back to
reality" statuses: I'm not calling you out (OK, I am) but…no! He is
risen! The world is changed!" Indeed friend, indeed.

All day I walked through my day expecting to see Easter, which let me tell you is not a horrible way to expect your day into being, each moment as it comes rolling through.
Sweetie and I have been in our home for almost 3 years now, it will be three years in May. In our first year, we just watched our yard explode with flowers and colors and smells. We didn't do much in the way of actually caring for these new to us things. The previous owners did some pretty cool landscaping, and it was fun to watch it pop up all over.

Last year, we enlisted the help of my dad and step-mom–master gardeners–to help with how to manage the plants and flowers and bushes and shrubs. We had some serious work, but it turned out really lovely.

IMG_1862 So now we are in year three, and I am SO excited for my first year of actually branching out. And what do you know, I already have a head-start. We have two raised beds in our backyard. Shamefully, they have sat dead or have simply been weeded with good intentions over the past two years. Not this year. Nope, this year, some chives are just barely peeking out and inspiring mine and my sweeties imagination for what will be our first year of growing food.

Welcome tiny tiny little chives. Welcome new growth, new life.
Welcome Eastertide.


One thought on “sprouting through

  1. I would totally plant herbs and tomatoes there. I would love some raised beds!
    I love your outlook and I too will be looking today.
    And I LOVE my peep notecards! They are a hoot! Thank you so very very much!
    And I love you more…but then you already knew that. *grins*

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